Tips for Clients

Tips for Clients

Tips for Selecting the Right Lawyer for You

Legal services, like all products or services should be researched to determine which ones will best suit your needs.

  • Lawyers generally practice in different areas of law so verify their specific practice experience
  • Seniority, experience and background knowledge determine hourly rates
  • Be frank and forthright in your inquiry and do not be afraid to express your concerns
  • Don’t be shy, you are the client, ask questions!
  • It is important to remember that lawyers’ fees may be based on a number of factors including time spent on the matter, result obtained, complexity of the work and expertise in the legal area. The client will be responsible for paying disbursements which include court filing fees, process server fees, courier charges, long distance costs and postage. In order to be cost efficient, it is recommended that you organize your documents and background information in advance. This will ensure the time you spend with your lawyer is maximized.

    Tips for Reducing Your Legal Fees

  • Prepare for the initial consultation by writing a chronological description of your situation
  • Bring an extra copy of all relevant documents to leave for the file
  • Organize your documents in date order
  • Only provide the lawyer with what is relevant and what he/she asks
  • Take notes of the conversation with the lawyer so you have a record of what was discussed and know what will be needed to follow-up
  • If you do not understand what the lawyer tells you, ask him/her to slow down and seek clarification
  • Lawyers keep track of time spent, so keep follow-up phone calls and emails short and to the point
  • Review the bills and statements when you receive them.
  • Note:

    The legal information provided on this site is for illustrative and general reference purposes only and is not, under any circumstances, meant to be a substitute for professional legal advice.
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