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Contract Review – Employment Lawyers

Executing an employment contract or offer letter should be done with caution. While it is exciting to transition into a new opportunity, it is equally important to review what you may be potentially giving up in exchange. What may appear as incomprehensible boilerplate language, is intentionally included to benefit the employer.

We strongly recommend having an employment lawyer review and help you navigate through the legal jargon to understand your rights and obligations in an employment contract. In particular, our team can provide you with legal advice on the enforceability of the terms and conditions outlined in your contract.

Hiring an experienced lawyer will help you avoid some of these pitfalls:

    • Enforceable termination provisions may limit your damages under the Employment Standards Act, 2000;
    • Prior agreements are unenforceable unless they are expressly included in the contract;
    • Salary, hours of work, bonuses, commissions, stock options, long-term incentive plans, and other benefits should be clearly outlined; and
    • Understand your post-employment obligations such as non-disclosure and non-solicitation terms.

Our experienced lawyers at Zubas Flett Law will not only explain to you the risks of your contract, but will offer you recommendations, legal opinion, and points for negotiation in order to fully strengthen your position.


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