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The team at Zubas Flett Law is at the ready to advise clients on their workplace problem, craft a strategy that is sound and cost-effective and advocate towards a speedy resolution.

A boutique employment and human rights law firm in downtown Toronto, Zubas Flett Law continues to apply the care, knowledge and determination that inspired Loreta Zubas to begin advocating in 1993.

Your workplace, whether it’s the Office of the President or the restaurant kitchen, is vital to your dignity and livelihood. Whether you are an employee who has been wrongfully dismissed or an employer seeking to improve workplace policies and procedures, Zubas Flett Law is ready to apply our near 40-plus years of combined experience at the negotiating table and courtroom to help. From hiring to firing, Zubas Flett Law knows the full arc of the employment relationship and can assist you.

For Employees

Legal advice for those experiencing issues or work-place concern at their place of employment.

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Strategic and tactical legal advice for small and mid-size employers on all human resource matters.


I have had the privilege of working with Loreta and her team for almost 30 years. Loreta is a consummate professional whose team reflects her integrity, experience and they thrive to emulate the absolute respect she has earned in the Canadian employment law field. If you are a client of Zubas Flett Law you are being represented by the best there is.”

Brodie Thomas

Commitment to Clients

Our Pledge

Advising employees, employers and contractors, Zubas Flett Law carefully analyzes a client’s legal issues and makes a plan for action in this ever-changing and specialized area of law. We customize an efficient path to our client’s desired result while compassionately appreciating that our clients are often making tough decisions in trying circumstances and take pride in their working life. No matter how thorny the issue or how high the stakes, Zubas Flett Law strives to decipher the law for clients and acts with integrity and professionalism, focussed on our client’s ideal outcome to avoid aggravating a dispute further. We are able courtroom litigators but prefer to explore more efficient and inexpensive measures for clients such as negotiation and mediation.

Located steps away from Toronto’s courts and financial district and staffed with a range of professionals from a first-year paralegal to a three-decade veteran lawyer, we can prepare a fee arrangement to meet your budget.

Your issue becomes our issue. Your goal becomes our goal.

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