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At Zubas Flett Law, our expertise is crafted by over 50 years of combined experience. We offer legal advice and assistance on all aspects of employment law and human rights issues. 


We offer practical and strategic advice, to both employees and employers. We are well versed in handling issues that may arise in a variety of industries, and sectors.


We provide a range of pencil-sharp fee arrangements to make many client budgets feasible. Clients are served by the appropriately-experienced professional.

Opening a branch of your business in another country can be daunting, and that’s as true for an American company moving into Canada as it would be setting up farther abroad. Workplaces can be complicated and full of liabilities for employers, particularly in Canada where, in many ways, employers have more legal protection than in the U.S.

An employment firm that can be trusted to help navigate Canadian employment laws and provide useful advice is invaluable for companies looking to operate in Canada.

Zubas Flett Law is a boutique law firm located in downtown Toronto that can provide that invaluable guidance for U.S. companies who want to do business in the province of Ontario.

As a smaller firm focusing on employment law and human rights, Zubas Flett Law provides extensive knowledge and a singular focus for clients who need guidance and attention to ensure that they’re compliant with both federal and provincial employment laws, as applicable – a focus that you aren’t necessarily going to get with a large firm that handles numerous different areas of law.

Cross-border operations can be complex, and a failure to comply with legal obligations as an employer can make things even more complicated for a company. When legal issues crop up, Zubas Flett Law can provide counsel that is not only experienced, but also considers cost-effective approaches so things don’t get out of hand for clients.

The firm’s lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience, specifically in employment and labour law matters and across industries. When you’re setting up a new workforce in Ontario, you’ll need guidance on human resources strategies, offers of employment, recruitment, termination, performance and discipline management, contracts, compensation, workplace harassment, human rights, and employment standards. Zubas Flett Law can provide expert advice in all of these areas and more.

Zubas Flett Law’s experience includes appearances before provincial civil and appeal courts, tribunals, labour arbitrators, provincial employment standards adjudicators, Canada Labour Code adjudicators, federal employment insurance adjudicators, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Employers in Canada need to understand all aspects of the employment relationship from recruitment to termination of the employment relationship, for all employees – from entry-level employees to senior executives. Zubas Flett Law provides the employment and labour law expertise that you need, whether you’re just getting your footing in the Canadian business landscape or you’re looking to continue a successful business and work environment.

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Employment and labour law is a specialized area of law that is always evolving and changing, so it’s easy for employers to be caught off-guard. Zubas Flett law can interpret these changes and determine what they mean for your company, keeping your needs at the forefront with a customized approach. If your company needs professional, experienced, client-focused, affordable, and compassionate counsel, then Zubas Flett Law can set you on the path to resolve your Canadian workforce issues with confidence.

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