Ontario Limitation Periods Suspended A Few More Days

The Ontario Government announced on August 20, 2020, that the restart date for limitation periods and deadlines in proceedings will be pushed a few days later than the previous date of September 11, 2020.

September 14, 2020 is the new date that the Regulation suspending Ontario limitation periods and timelines for steps in any Ontario proceeding, Limitation Periods, O Reg 73/20, will be revoked (subject to the discretion of the court or tribunal responsible for the proceeding).

The limitation period is retroactive to March 16, 2020. This short extension of only a few days will make the duration of the limitation period suspension a round number of 26 weeks. Consequently, it may be easier for jurists, lawyers and paralegals (who are traditionally not great at math) to calculate limitation periods in the coming months and years.

The stakes are high when dealing with limitation periods. One should not gamble with such deadlines because, if a claim is commenced too late, it may be dismissed outright.

Further, not all limitation periods are the same length or triggered the same way. It is important to seek legal advice from an employment lawyer to determine the applicable limitation period or deadline in the particular circumstances of your employment issue. Contact Zubas Flett Law at 416-593-5844 or questions@employment-lawyers.ca with your questions regarding limitation periods.