Today, Zubas Flett Law Lawyer, Richel Castaneda, spoke with Arvin Joaquin of OMNI News regarding the Federal Government of Canada proposing regulations under Part II of the Canada Labour Code to make vaccination mandatory in federally-regulated workplaces.

These regulations would apply to federally-regulated employees such as those who work in banks, telecommunication companies, airports, railways, marine transportation, post offices and radio as well as federal public service employees.

While we have yet to see what these regulations will prescribe, this direction reflects the Government’s plans to enforce vaccination in the public sector. I It is important to note that the regulations will not replace public health guidelines such as masking, social distancing, and handwashing.

Under the Canadian Human Rights Act, employees with valid and substantiated religious or medical reasons may seek an exemption and request accommodation from their employer.

These regulations may be subject to constitutional challenges but jurisprudence on this matter is still in the early stages and it remains to be seen how future cases in the Canadian courts will be decided.

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