Today, Zubas Flett Law Lawyer, Richel Castaneda, spoke with Arvin Joaquin of OMNI News regarding the Working for Workers Act, 2021 (Bill 27) which became law on December 2, 2021. Bill 27 made legislative changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) introducing a requirement for certain employers to have a “disconnecting from work” policy and a prohibition against employers from entering “non-compete” agreements with employees.

In particular, employers who had 25 or more employees as of January 2022, must implement a disconnecting from work policy. “Disconnecting from work” is defined in the statute as “not engaging in work-related communications, including emails, telephone calls, video calls, or the sending or reviewing of other messages.” The employer is free to determine the contents of the Policy. Although the statutory requirement only applies to employers with 25+ employees, it is recommended that all employers implement such a policy to address potential claims for unpaid overtime, workplace harassment, etc.

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